Code of Ethics

The Roots of Mankind’s Volunteer Code of Ethics provides an outline of behavioral principles, and expectations.  It aims to both explain the commitment of experienced staff or volunteers and to guide the induction of new staff or volunteers.

Volunteers or staff must strictly follow the rules and guidelines in this Code of Ethics as a condition of their affiliation with ROM and as a condition of providing services to ROM stakeholders, including clientele and communities. Staff and volunteers who work with ROM must read, sign and given a copy of the Code of Ethics.

Acceptable Behavior

The people that you will interact with during your association with ROM come from a variety of cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds. Staff and volunteers must respect this diversity and act in the best interests of every individual engaging in ROM business and activities.

Volunteers and Staff MUST:

Follow the principles of:




Essential Communication

Ethical Conduct

  • Be aware of the networks and services provided by ROM.
  • Maintain professional self-control at all times.
  • Treat everyone with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, tact, sensitivity, humility and consideration.
  • Assist in the creation of an environment free of fear, harassment, racism and exploitation.
  • Respect the cultures, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others although you may not always agree.
  • Take instruction from and not obstruct the Policies of ROM in any way in regards to the execution of your duties.
  • Use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition or comparison when working with stakeholders, staff, clientele and customers.
  • Understand that the choice of action remains up to the individual, unless the situation is life-threatening, or poses a serious risk of harm to self or others.
  • Support fellow volunteers and share the load.
  • Refuse to accept expensive gifts from stakeholders, staff, clientele or customers without prior written approval from ROM administrators or Executive level management.
  • Refrain from giving expensive gifts to stakeholders, clientele or customers without prior written approval from ROM administrators, supervisors or Executive level management.
  • Report suspected abuse to administrators or appropriate supervisor.
  • Cooperate fully in any investigation of abuse of any nature.
  • Respond with empathy, support and guidance when needed, suggesting options to help resolve issues.
  • Report any illegal activity (eg. Underage drinking, violence, assault) to the relevant authorities.

Unacceptable Behavior

Volunteers and Staff MUST not do:

  • Pressure anyone into accepting your views or standards.
  • Use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol at any time while conducting ROM activities.
  • Use, possess or be under the influence of illegal drugs at any time.
  • Pose any health risk to stakeholders, staff, clientele or customers.
  • Strike, spank, shake or slap stakeholders, staff, clientele or customers.
  • Humiliate, ridicule, threaten or degrade stakeholders, staff, clientele or customers.
  • Interact in an inappropriate manner, or touch or sexually harass stakeholders, staff, clientele or customers.
  • Use any discipline that frightens or humiliates staff, clientele or customers.
  • Use profanity in the presence of stakeholders, staff, clientele or customers.

A volunteer or staff working with ROM clientele or customers can be subject to a thorough background check, including criminal history. Any action inconsistent with this Code of Conduct or failure to take action mandated by this Code of Ethics may result in removal and/or dismissal, as a volunteer or staff, from the Roots of Mankind Corporation.